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Target Shooting is an Olympic Sport, fired on strictly controlled ranges.

Shots are fired at a paper target with circular aiming marks that appear to the shooter to be the same size irrespective of distance.

Target Rifle Shooters can use three types of Rifle, they are:-

Air Rifles firing 0.177" (4.5mm) diameter pellets, at targets 6 or 10 metres away.

Small-Bore Rifles firing 0.22" (5.5mm) diameter bullets, at targets 25 yards, 50 metres and 100 yards away.

Full-Bore Rifles firing 0.30” (7.62mm) diameter bullets at targets from 200 yards and up to 1,200 yards away.

In each case, pellets or bullets are put in the gun and fired one at a time.

Adult Air Rifle is fired Standing but Juniors are often taught to shoot Prone, (lying down) or lying over a bench, as youngsters, under sixteen, should NOT shoot in the classic Standing position.

Small-Bore shooting is mainly in the Prone, lying down, position, though shooting is also done Kneeling and Standing.

Full-bore Rifle is mainly fired Prone.

Target Pistol Shooting is only done at Club level with 0.177” (4.5mm) Air Pistols


Competitions are organized on a team or individual basis and are run at Club, County and National level.  These competitions are arranged at the distances available at various Club ranges.

Air Gun and Small-bore are the most popular forms of the sport in the UK.

Full-Bore competition, mainly centered at Bisley, is fired at ranges up to 600 yards and beyond.

Competitions, both team and individual, are divided into Leagues and Divisions so that competitors only shoot against others of equal ability.